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Some images of grading equipment and various land clearing and residential grading projects. Be sure to visit our “Projects” section to view more pictures and examples of the work we can do for you.

When it comes to residential grading, land clearing, tree & stump removal, driveways, clearing for building pads, digging out for basements or anything else you may need our expertise and services for, you will want to go with a company that can get the job done correctly. That means professionally and the first time. With no aggravation or heartache later. It should also be noted that, while it still holds true that you “get what you pay for”, a lot of our customers are pleasantly surprised when they can get their project completed for a lot less money than they anticipated. The reason for that is we have the right equipment for the job and we know what we are doing. We have 20 Years Of Experience and are Level 1A Certified. There is probably nothing you call us out on that we have not done before. We also won’t waste your time or money. We pride ourselves on our ability to do the job right and at a fair price!

You can rely on Cantrell Grading for all of your residential grading needs. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate and we will come out to your job site to give you a quote.